Freelance Data Scientist

Telecommute · Delray Beach, Florida, United States · Creative Strategy


Fractl is a creative marketing agency that fuses data journalism and information design to explore universal human interests in original and daring ways.

Our projects showcase illuminating findings through beautiful visualizations and intelligent storytelling, reaching audiences of millions through a strategic understanding of digital PR that we’ve honed over the past four years.

Fractl has gone from strength-to-strength since it was founded in 2012, with more than 60 full-time team members currently at its head office in Florida, and many more around the globe.

We’re looking for a Data Scientist who can reveal the most interesting and surprising findings in data he/she collects, cleans, models and tests. The ideal candidate will have an excellent grasp of basic statistics, including statistical tests, distributions, and maximum likelihood estimation. A solid understanding of statistical significance is vital, as is the ability to determine if methodologies are sound. Your contributions to Fractl projects will be crucial in ensuring stories are based on meaningful results that truly represent trends in the real world.

Your role in a project will typically begin by assessing potential data sources alongside a data journalist to find one (or several) that has the potential to reveal a compelling story that relates to the client’s products or services. You will then collect the data, scraping it if necessary, before analyzing it through Exploratory Data Analysis and hypothesis testing using such statistical programs at Excel and Tableau. Your juicy discoveries are then presented to an information designer and data journalist for them to produce an engaging visual story and article the general public can enjoy.

You will have the freedom to explore data in whatever way you feel is most likely to tease out revealing and engaging results and, as a result, your efforts will be seen by potentially millions of people--not lost behind the scenes in a corporate environment.



We value experience over education, but a degree in statistics or data science wouldn’t hurt. The most important thing is that your instincts and investigative methods are well-developed and reliable.

Required Skills and Experience

● Fluency in a statistical programming language, like R or Python, and a database querying language like SQL. You will sometimes be dealing with huge data sets.

● Advanced Excel skills, experience with Tableau - easily able to produce all the basic charts and graphs.

● Knowledge of how to shape, normalize, model and visualize data in response to a list of questions you and other teams members choose to investigate, using statistical significance testing where required.

● Excellent communication skills ­ you will need to explain your methods and results to other team members who don’t have the same knowledge of statistics as you.

Desired Skills and Experience:

● A strong journalistic instinct to know what questions to ask and what the answers must look like to deserve being featured in data visualizations.

● Data scraping and an ability to work with APIs and unstructured data.

● Experience with/ability to implement JS libraries geared toward visualizing information and displaying data (such as with d3.js).

● A curious mind and insatiable intellectual curiosity.

● An affinity for data-driven journalism like FiveThirtyEight and Freakonomics.


This position is open to remote workers. Rate will be based on experience. Based on performance, there is strong opportunity for growth.

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